Abalone Gifts for Chinese New Year

Abalone Gifts for Chinese New Year

Abalone Gift Ideas for Chinese New Year

For centuries, abalone has been served as part of Chinese culture in households big and small. Giving abalone as a gift honours ancestral traditions and shows unity in the New Year.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for Chinese New Year, our Premium Abalone gift boxes make a great gift idea for Chinese friends, your partner or customers. Celebrate in style with our abalone gift sets. Each box is packed with succulent abalone sourced directly from Australian waters. Perfect for Chinese New Year, they make an exquisite and luxurious present.

Things You Need to Know Before Eating Abalone This Chinese New Year

Eating abalone is a pleasure – but first, there are a few things to think about before indulging. First, you’ll want to buy your abalone from a trusted supplier. Here at Ocean Road, our products are some of the finest in the industry – fresh, and incredibly high quality. 

You’ll want to consider the grade of abalone you’re buying. This can vary from 1 to 12 pieces or more in a can. It’s also worth thinking about the best way to prepare your abalone, so you can bring out its full flavour. Our canned varieties are ready to eat straight away, so they make for an easy gift. 

Lastly, consider what else you’d like to include in the Chinese gift basket alongside the abalone. Tea leaves, wine, dried fruit, or traditional pastries could all make great additions. For more ideas, get in touch with us!

Why is Eating/ Gifting Abalone Considered Lucky?

Eating or gifting abalone during Chinese New Year has been a long-standing tradition that is said to bring good luck. Abalone carries the blessings of resilience and vigour, with the ability to persevere through difficult times and progress forward with courage and prosperity.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for your Chinese friend, consider gifting them abalone. It is a meaningful gift that expresses your wishes for their future and will certainly be cherished.

What are the Benefits of Buying Canned Abalone Instead of Fresh and Frozen Varieties?

If shopping for gift ideas for your Chinese partner or customers, a vacuum-packed or canned abalone gift set provides a number of benefits over fresh and frozen options.

Canned or vacuum-packed abalone are easier to prepare – simply open the pack and reduce the risk of over or undercooking. It also has a longer shelf-life than fresh and frozen varieties, making it a convenient gift if you can't return home with it straight away.

Why Give Chinese New Year Hampers?

Chinese New Year is a grand, joyous celebration, and exchanging gifts with family and friends can make it even more special. Hampers are a big part of the holiday, containing traditional gift ideas such as abalone gift boxes.

As well as being great gifts to receive, giving hampers is a wonderful way to show your loved ones how much you care. It presents them with an opportunity to fill their pantry with lots of delicious treats they may not normally buy for themselves, such as abalone, dried seafood, and other tasty items. 

Thus, these hampers offer generous gestures of love and gratitude, along with the perfect token of appreciation. For more information on any of our range, contact us today.