Our Abalone

Our Brand

Ocean Road brand was created to represent our premium range of abalone products. It is a boutique concept aimed at providing our customers value-added products and more customized services.

The Shape:

The logo forms the abalone shape to express the clean and green environment we produce our fine quality abalone from.

The Road:

Indicating both where we are (on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria), and the sustainable supply we commit to our customers and the corporate social responsibility we have to our people and the community.

Growing Cycle


3 months before.
Relaxing and getting ready for releasing eggs.


Believe it or not, I can produce up to 3 million eggs every year.


day 0
5:1 rule – five rival admirers and only the best one will succeed.


Days 1 to 5
After I hatch, I swim from day 1 to day 5 until I am moved to the nursery.


6 days to 6 months
In the nursery, I crawl and enjoy my favourite food, algae


6 months to 18 months
Not a baby anymore! At 6 months old, I go to a weaning tank, and I start eating solid food.


1.5 years to 4 years
Finally, I move to the grow-out tank. Being nocturnal I enjoy a low light environment. It relaxes me.


I hit my peak when I reach 3 to 4 years old. Then I am off to the market, full of vitality!

Abalone Species

We name our abalone species Green Tiger because it has a green shell and tiger stripe feature on the foot. It has a natural pearl white flesh colour, sweet, subtle flavour, and a succulent texture. This hybrid of Green Lip and Black Lip abalone captures the best of both species.

Compared to Black Lip abalone, Green Tiger has a more appealing colour, and the texture is more tender. Green Tiger has a better yield after cooking than Green Lip abalone and its longer tank to tank tolerance is ideal for live shipment.

Our unique crafted Green Tiger abalone, the combination of the two best-known species in Australia, provides you with a unique dining experience. A delicacy that you will enjoy.

Growing Abalone

Growing abalone is a slow process as each abalone takes at least 3 years to grow to commercial size. Our Green Tiger demand a particular environment but perform well at our land-based operation as our seawater temperature profile is just right for them.

We produce our abalone from stock bred on our farm. The stock grown is put into nursery tanks at 5 days old, where they graze on natural algae, which help them to grow as fast as possible. At about 6 months old, we move the abalone juveniles into weaning tanks where they start to eat grain-based pellets. After a further year, we move them into our final growing tanks. At each stage, they are graded and counted to give them the best growing conditions possible.

The Green Tiger like to stay in a dark environment as being nocturnal; they want to hide during the day. Out on the reef, they would be hiding under weed and rocks to stay away from predators. To simulate this, we operate in darkened sheds and conduct our work with head torches so that the abalone are not stressed by the daylight.

Our tanks have high flows of fresh seawater flowing through them day and night. To clean these tanks, we send waves of water through them to flush out any waste. The abalone are fed specially formulated diets that meets their protein requirements at all stages of their life cycle.

Abalone Harvesting

Unlike wild caught abalone, we have no season to worry about. As a land-based farm, we can harvest our abalone all year round for different sizes from 30g to 200g.