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Premium Abalone in Brine

Ocean Road Premium Abalone in Brine is renowned for its quality, consistency in size, appearance and taste.

The brine abalone is cooked to perfection, ensuring it has a juicy and tender texture. You may think that a canned product does not equal fresh but, like prawns cooked fresh on the boat, our abalone are cooked shortly after they are harvested, which locks in the flavour and goodness.

An abalone's sweet, subtle flavour makes it a delightful product to enjoy. You can eat straight from the can or make creative dishes. Use it to enhance dishes such as stir fries or congee. Also, the brine in the can is a great base for soup. Take a look through our premium selection of canned abalone today.

Our Gourmet Canned Abalone, Ready to Eat

All of our canned abalone is ready to eat, so you can plate up an exquisite seafood dish and wow your guests in just minutes. All you need is a few little finishing touches, and you’re set to impress.

This also makes it a special, meaningful gift for friends and family to enjoy – for a unique dining experience like no other. Available in 130g or 213g cans with your choice of 3 - 12 pieces, our selection is the perfect way to prepare an exquisite dish for one or to feed a crowd.

Often our brine abalone is served at wedding banquets, special celebrations or in high-end restaurants. Now you can enjoy it in your very own home, with the ability to prepare all kinds of culinary delights! Serve as a perfect appetiser, in sushi or with scallops for a delectable meal your guests won’t soon forget.

Abalone in Brine, Masterfully Prepared

Our abalone is grown at our sustainable, land-based farm near Port Fairy, Victoria, with much pride and careful attention to detail. This size of abalone in brine takes 3-5 years to grow, and we keep a careful eye over the product throughout the entire process.

We’re proud to be recognised as one of the first abalone farms in Australia, with a pioneering history of innovation and commitment to quality. Since our farm was first established in 1996, we have continued to produce world-class Australian seafood for our customers.

We love what we do, and we’re committed to supplying you with a high-end product. Try it for yourself. You might also like to taste our Prime Abalone, and experience the difference for yourself. Let us know what you think.

Buy Abalone Cans in Australia

Here at Ocean Road Abalone, we are committed to providing high-quality abalone cans for sale Australia-wide (except Tasmania).

We will deliver our natural abalone fresh to your door, with FREE shipping on orders over $200 (Australia only). We also ship to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong King and the USA.

For all further enquiries, contact us today or call on (03) 5568 2881.

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