Abalone Products

    Ocean Road Prime Abalone

    Ocean Road Prime Abalone is hand selected and cooked in its own juice creating a ready to eat product with a pure abalone flavour. All you need to do is open, slice to size and serve. Ocean Road Prime Abalone is a guaranteed 100% natural pack, no food additives or preservatives are added during the cooking process. With sophisticated techniques we are able to retain the sweet natural flavour in the abalone flesh while maintaining a succulent texture. Match with sparkling or white wine of your choice for a very refined taste experience.
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    Premium Abalone in Brine

    Ocean Road Premium Abalone in Brine is renowned for its quality, consistency in size, appearance and taste. The abalone are cooked to perfection, ensuring they have a juicy and tender texture. You may think that a canned product does not equal fresh but, like prawns cooked fresh on the boat, our abalone are cooked shortly after they are harvested which locks in the flavour and goodness. An abalone's sweet subtle flavour makes it a delightful product to enjoy. You can eat straight from the can or make creative dishes. Use it to enhance dishes such as stir fries or congee. Also, the brine in the can is a great base for a soup.
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    Premium Abalone in Sauce

    Quality braised abalone should exhibit a consistency of excellent colour, shape and taste. A combination of the best quality raw ingredients, our chef’s recipes and our cooking techniques all come together to produce the end result - consistently great abalone straight from the can. Ocean Road Premium Abalone in Sauce was developed by our master chef who applied his in-depth knowledge of the art of braising techniques to develop a product that perfectly suits our customers’ palates. Every abalone in the can resembles “Jin-Yuan Bao" (a Chinese gold ingot), a sign of prosperity. The sauce is full of flavour. The slow cooking process allows the abalone to slowly absorb the luscious sauce, adding flavour and tenderising them at the same time and resulting in a rich caramelised colour both inside and out. Just slice and serve to enjoy this delicacy - a luxurious meal made easy!
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