Mooncake Festival - abalone mooncakes are a thing!

Mooncakes - abalone mooncakes are a thing!

A good number of our abalone-appreciating customers are preparing to celebrate the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, and abalone might be on the menu.

As you may know, among Chinese speakers the festival is widely known as Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋 or zhōng qiū jié) - or Mooncake Festival. 

Variations of Mid-Autumn Festival are celebrated throughout East and South East Asia (and communities around the world) with different names and equally delicious menus, such as Chuseok (in Korea), Tsukimi (Japan) and Tết Trung Thu (Vietnam).

Abalone dishes are a feature of Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations, and abalone is often given with mooncakes a gift. 

More unusual and a lot of fun is abalone mooncake, becoming more popular in recent years alongside increasingly adventurous mooncakes with unusual or rare fillings including truffle, miso, spirulina, birds nest, avocado, cheesecake and caramel!

The lead up to Mid-Autumn Festival is a busy time of year for our small-scale abalone farm in Port Fairy, for our online store and for our stockists - seafood markets, restaurants and specialty grocers.

This year Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Friday September 29. How fortunate that we also have Grand Final Friday public holiday the same day. (Online orders will ship Monday October 2.)

Ocean Road Abalone wishes you a very happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Happy Mooncake Festival