Premium Abalone in Brine 130g 8/ 10 / 12pc

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  • 100% Australia grown and packed

  • This package contains  8, 10 or 12 whole pieces of abalone. The average abalone weight per piece is 16.25g for 8pc, 13g for 10pc or 10.83g for 12pc.

  • This abalone is ready to eat. It can be used in salads, congee, soup or for quick stir frying with vegetables.

  • Drained Weight (the abalone weight in a can): 130g.

  • Net Weight (the abalone weight + the brine in a can): 425g.

  • Ingredients: Abalone, Water, Salt, Colour Retention Agent (385), Enhancer (627, 631, 620), Phosphate (451, 450).

  • Store in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate and eat within three days after opening.